Zakka handmade market fair

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

As promised I want to share with you today for my first visit to Zakka handmade market fair last Saturday organized by Pipit. I was so excited that I took tons of photos, but I managed to summarize and show them here for you. I started to pay attention of Zakka handmade recently when I knew few blogger and maker who love to share their work in their blog. This event remind me of one of my dearest blogger friend Sandy from The Cookie Cutter who obsessed about anything Japanese (you may visit her blog to enjoy those cute little shop all over Japan in her Japan series), I event tweeted her on that day wishing she was there with me to meet all those fab maker that I saw during the fair.

Alright, here is the few highlight that I was happily found during the visit. I finally met the very sweet Jacqueline from So Cute It Hurt. We only communicate through blog so far, and she is the sweetest girl that always giving sweet comment at my blog. Really nice to finally meet you in person, Jackie.

I also bumped into the super talented girl from, I am a huge fans of her event before I know what is Zakka all about. I featured her work at my blog here. And I was so delighted that finally met her in person and touch her handmade doll that I only admire through pictures before. When I was in her booth, I only saw three dolls, simple wall display '' in black color and a shy girl that seem want to hide below the table. I asked 'where are all the dolls?' I thought the 3 dolls on the table were just a display. Then she said shyly 'Sorry, sold out'. OMG I thought I was early but her other fans are faster :).

Last, I was stumble upon the work of Hiya Zakka, she sew and hand painted the dress. I love her delicate work so much. Something really different for me.

Below are few fave products that I spotted on during the fair. I love the quirky accessories and collars with cute beads and flowers, eco bag with various design was seen everywhere, handmade journals were always one of my fave and also Japanese fabrics of course.

The event held at Annexe gallery, love the venue. Wooden floor and white wall paint with natural chips was perfect for this theme. I spotted few favorite decoration by the vendor, Washi tapes was everywhere. Natural wooden frame and also real flower stick on the wall was cute too.

In the end of the detour, I and my dear friend who company me to the fair enjoyed our delicious homemade coffee and biscoti while the Ukulele group played their relaxing songs.

This has been one of the good Saturday that I had, looking forward for the similar event next time... Hope you enjoy my sharing.

Oh, also to let you know that my giveaway is officially closed, I will announce the winner on Friday. Thank you for those who participated. Xo.

{Image are by me}


  1. Thanks, Fenny, for the mention and for remembering me! I hope to make it to Pipit one day :)

  2. this is awesome. when you make your next trip to such event, i'll like t ikut bersama. OK?

  3. Dearest sweet fenny, it was absolutely fabulous to meet you! Thank YOU so much for stopping by my little booth and for the mention. :) I have to make it a date to catch up with you over lunch and tea! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  4. hi, I am the girl in your pic from Hiya Zakka, I am so surprised to see me here and thanks for your comment, I have blog also but I just write in Chinese, hope to get in touch with you~ ^^