5 Holiday gifts picks {series} : For Him

Friday, December 9, 2011

These few days I was lacking of time to post and visit my friend blog lists regularly due to my commitment at work, and makes this little precious space is also a bit lonely from visitors. Today I am really happy that Megan from DressedbyStyle is willing to share her "5 Holiday gift picks for Him" in this humble space. I know Megan through twitter and until now I am still amazed with twitter networking, because through this social media I am able to know many like minded, nice and very supportive friends. I really treasure these friendship even we never meet personally.

I love Megan's quirky style at her blog, even she blogs mostly about fashion and decor but somehow I know she will have a great gifts pick for our Guy :). I hope you enjoy her picks and send her love all the way to Cape Town by visiting her blog here.

These are Megan personal words why this gifts are great for Man (click on the product tittle for the link):

1. Matblac Handmade iPad cover
I would choose this handmade iPad cover as the perfect gift for my man. Not only are Matblac products proudly designed and handmade in Cape Town from the finest materials, but they combine stylish craftmanship with clever functionality.

2. Drawn In sketch books
Drawn In would make an idea gift for my man. The inspiring pages of this bok captures the musings, doodles and brainstorming images from a variety of artists and shows glimpses of their working processes and inspirations. A perfect gift for the man with a creative mind!

3. Pederson & Lennard bike shelf
This bike shelf would be a cool and stylish gift for my man. He loves his cycling and often our garage has one too many bikes learning against the wall, so a well designed bike shelf would make him smiles.

4. Monkey Business magnetic key holder
For a man that loses his keys with astounding regularity, this nifty magnetic key keeper from Monkey Business will be a practical yet fun gift. Hopefully with this gift, my man will be able to spend his time each morning finishing his cup of tea instead of searching the house for his missing car keys!

5. Extreme by Paul Smith (fragrance)
Paul Smith is one of my favourite designers and I'm thrilled that his fragrance are as amazing as his clothes. Extreme by Paul Smith is a gorgeous spicy fragrance which combines fresh and citrusy bergamot with rosemary, nutmeg and cardamom. I know that my man will smell gorgeous wearing this scent!

And here is Megan's fave time to spend her holiday season with her beloved husband and kids :

' I really enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 boys during the holiday season. Cape Town is a beautiful holiday destination for tourist worldwide, and we're privileged to live in such a cosmopolitan city. As a family, we love beach holidays and we try to make the most of Cape Town's gorgeous white beaches, although the water is a little freezing!'

Thank you Megan! I really love all her choices. I want to buy my self the iPad case :) and also have an urge to visit Cape Town one day to meet lovely Megan, of course!

Next Friday will be my last series for '5 holiday gifts picks' and we will be expected a lovely lady blogger from The Netherlands to share her holiday gift picks for home. I really admire her styling style, so I am honored that she is willing to share in here. Stay Tune!

If you missed my previous '5 holiday gifts picks' series, you could check them here.

And have a happy weekend.


  1. Thank you so much for having me here. It has been lovely getting to know you, fabulous Fenny! Thanks for your support & continue blogging such beautiful & creative ideas xox

  2. Thanks for sharing Megan. Love them all. Happy Holiday!