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Friday, December 16, 2011

Times really flies so fast before I realize it is Friday again so I welcome back to all of you in my mini series for "5 Holiday gifts picks'! Today post is from special person who I fancy her home and styles so much. Iris from Irideeen all the way from The Netherlands will share her picks for home. I couldn't think any other person than her when I came out with this category, here styles represents her personality, elegant with the touch of feminine. Her house featured at the big magazine and design community such 101Wonideeen magazine and IKEA family live, not to mentioned various design blogs who fell in love with her styles too.

Iris also one of the person that I knew online since early of my blogging days. We write email each other sometimes, and I am always so thrilled about her story and life back to The Netherlands, because somehow our country are connected in many ways, culture, food and language. I am intrigued to learn about the Dutch culture and The Netherlands also one of the country at my top visiting lists, so I am sure someday I will meet her in person :). For now, let us enjoy her picks....

These are Iris personal words why she picks this gifts for home (please click on the product tittle for the link):

1. Whimsical side table
Table Juffer (Dutch for dragonfly) by Pieke Bergmans is so light and airy and has a wonderful little twist.

2. Unique Ceramic
I am smitten with each and every product Lenneke Wispelwey makes; with her geometrical shapes and soft colors she creates unique items that are almost too pretty to use.

3. Light Garland
In the Netherlands, December is one of the darkest months. So we need lights and candles to brighten up our homes and energize ourselves. This light garland is equally pretty when it is not lit.

4. Insect poster
This poster by Chacha has many happy crawling creatures that would love to be your new friends.

5.Hot pink carpet
If your room needs a color boost, put this beautiful carpet in hot pink by Scholtens and Baijings on your wish lists.

And here is Iris favorite times to do with her family during Holiday season:

'During the holiday season I love to spend time with my family; cooking, eating, drinking wine, being together. We all love giving presents, so there is a large pile of gifts under the Christmas tree. Last year it was so cold we could go ice skating on natural ice. And every year we hope for a white Christmas.'

Ah, wonderful. I love all of Iris's choices and I tempted to have the unique ceramic my self. I adore geometric pattern especially in the soft colors. ehmmmm... should I?
If you want to peek Iris's beautiful home, you could visit her blog here. I assure you will love it :).

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Happy weekend!

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  1. Dearest sweet fenny, these are such gorgeous pick! You really have a very good eye for gorgeous items. :) Have a lovely merry happy sunday! Wishing you a wonderful festive time with your friends and family! Love to you!