5 Holiday gifts picks {series} : wrap up + thank you notes!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hello dear friends, How are you today? I feel bad that I did not update my blog yesterday, I supposed want to share with you sneak peak of our Christmas party at home, but then work commitment was really insane this few days before Christmas week, so my hand are full of deadline. Therefore today I had sometime that I really treasure to write in this little space and wrapping up the '5 Holiday gift picks' series.

In this opportunity I would like to thank to my contributors of these series, my dearest friends that I never met but I love them with all my heart, again, they are very lovely people, very supportive and one of the reason why I keep having spirit to write on my blog. Only because of them {and all of you who read this humble blog} I feel very encouraged to share my simple life and inspiration here.

I felt guilty that this year I actually did not send any presents or cards to them. I wish I could made something for them, so it feels more personal. I promise my self next year will be different, instead of send the holiday greetings through twitter or email, I would love to send a real card. How many of us still send cards nowadays? for the past few years I only received few Holiday cards from business partners and my credit card banks... I have no intention to complain about my friends stop sending me cards, we are still wishing each other through SMS blast haha... but most of us including me taking the technology for granted and we forgot the nicest, sweetest, thrilled traditional ways to greet our friends. I miss those days that I have piles of cards from my high school friends and excited to read every message written on cards. I spent couple of bucks of my pocket money to only buy cute Christmas cards and excitement to go to the post office and thought that my dear friends will be happy with the note that I wrote.

Oh... I am blabbing till I forgot the main point, So today post, I would like to dedicate these gift ideas for my dear contributors:

Sandy from The Cookie Cutter
Marie from Etincelle Creative Studio
{I hope I will meet Marie in person soon next Month when she visits Kuala Lumpur, yeah....can't wait, Marie!}
Jeanne from Shop Sweet Things
Megan from Dressed by Style
Iris from Irideeen

Thanks for your sweet sharing, ladies...

I am always so inspired by giving a little gift inside the jars, I am a jar's collector my self. Love their versatility. I made my daughter's first birthday invitation using her empty baby food jars , printed birthday label to stick on the jars and lids and fill in with the candy, inside the jar . Everyone loved it when they got the invitation.

Here are some of my picks for Holiday gift ideas.... inside the jars! Enjoy....

Click at the each tittle below for link, tutorial, recipe and where to buy.

1. Cupcake in the jars
Who doesn't love cupcakes? I am cupcake lover, seriously! It remind me of sweet Jeanne when I found this idea. I think she would love to get one for her self. What is your fave flavors? I am a red velvet addict :).

2. Hot cocoa drink mix
I received a present from dear friend during our Christmas dinner at our home, he gave me chocolate mix drink inside cute polka dot tin, love it. I would love to have one during winter Christmas time {unfortunately its 3oC deg in Malaysia). This will be suitable for Iris and Jeanne who stays in cold country at Christmas time.

3. Cookie mix ingredient
Love this idea. Ready made ingredient to make holiday cookies. Haha... funny but remind meof Sandy from the Cookie cutters when I chose this gift idea.

4. Homemade drink/cocktail
I love wines, but don't mind at all for homemade cocktail. Again will be perfect for Winter Christmas. For hot Christmas like in here, I will substitute this to my signature mix : lemon & peppermint or rock sugar & pandan leaf drink. Just add ice cube, it will be a refreshing drink. I think Megan will love it too :)

5. Sewing kits
Perfect gift for Marie and Sandy. They are handmade queens :). We always can modify the assortment inside the jar though. Depend what's your bff' best interest.

6. Christmas decoration
If you have time, why don't you make this DIY project instead of buy the ready made snow globes. Love this idea. More personal. Suitable for Iris and all domestic goddess who love to decorate their homes :).

7. Gift cards on the jar
OMG, this idea must be everyone fave. Who doesn't love to receive shopping gift card? I 'd love too... hehe... We are ladies +{some men} are love to shop during festive and enjoy huge discount right?

Thanks for reading this lengthy post, doesn't mean to neglect all of you, but really, I am forever grateful for the friendship and support, so allow me a bit more personal to dedicate today post to them.

If you missed the series and lovely gifts ideas from my contributor you could read them here.
And Marie still giving Fabulous15 to F4fabulous reader for her mini me dolls till 31st Dec 2011, Grab now :).

Talk again tomorrow!


  1. Aww, Fenny! You are tooooooo sweet! Thank you so much. These jars are darling and so inspiring too to give as gifts. I hope you and your family will have a very lovely holiday! xoxoxoxo from SF

  2. Thank you Fenny for your heartfelt & genuine thoughts. I agree that we all allow technology to sometimes take over the way things used to be done. But it's a great idea to use our cyber connections to make real connections. So I am grateful for blogging, because how else would we meet such amazing, like-minded people?!
    Lots of love from Cape Town