{Approaching New Year 2012} +Update on Christmas break #2

Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello dear friends. I am back for a while today just to say how excited I am to approach the year 2012. Me and my family have been so blessed throughout year 2011, bitter sweet, honey lemon, all has been so great experience to make me grows wiser :). I always try to live my life to the fullest including overcome the obstacle because it parts of the journey that we had to face it :).

And below is the last photos about Christmas, as long as I wanted Christmas to be lil longer, but I am ready to say 'see you again next year'. I am ready to welcome year 2012 :).

We have lotsa of sweet at home during Christmas break.

left over flower that I bought for Christmas dinner at home....I always love to rearrange them.

I cooked at most of the time and spent more time at our dining room, eating and chatting, be together. Accompanied with good wines, of course!

And we will just being cozy for spending our quiet new year eve at home, cuddle, eat and love... (as written at our wall decal!)

Oh, I have not done with my new year resolution yet but I listed down what I accomplished at year 2011 at here (decor8's comment section), and I am so proud with it.

I will see you again next year (not that long, right?), meanwhile have a blessed day everyone!

{images are by me}


  1. staying home is a great idea. to eat, chat and cuddle!

    i'll be with the puppy.com folks today. a celebration of 8 years of friendship as we usher in 2012.

    happy new year and have a blessed year.


  2. I'm from Brasil and i love your blog! kisses