Christmas decoration at Home

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello dear friends, today I want to share my Christmas decoration corners, as I mentioned earlier we do not have Christmas tree this year so I collected this branches on the road side. It was not easy to find one that I wanted especially when you stopped your car on the road side and started to walk around for branches, other drivers gave me a weird looks at that time. But finally I managed to find one, not perfect but good size to put on top of my book shelf. I decided this decoration as our centerpiece decoration at home. I decorated with tiny disco ball that I bought at local shop, felt mushroom and light from IKEA, lastly I added my wooden pin here and there.

Here are the details at closer looks. I love disco ball inspired by few of my blogger friends so I decided to bought and used them :0, I also like the red reindeer from IKEA very much, I thought those are very versatile for Christmas decoration, I could place it anywhere and always look nice. Also I adore the LED Christmas light from IKEA with those cute print to cover up.
Lastly I am mad about the felt red mushroom from IKEA, very cute! Oh well, conclusion... this year I really love IKEA Christmas ornament.

I made these snowflake garland. I did not make those snowflake though, They are inexpensive and easily found from the local store, I tied using wool string and make a horizontal garland for my living room feature wall. Also I made the vertical ones to hang on my dining table light and added this little birdie from IKEA.

Below is another corner that I just did last night, I took the abandon tiny Christmas tree from the office and place it on my IKEA jar together with cotton ball, decorate with remaining disco balls and again... a reindeer haha...
I thought I only want to have white and red color this year, but I decided to put a gold color snowflake at my praying card holder. It is matching with the card holder, right? Then I placed the red light around it. One thing that I love about IKEA light, beside they are LED, energy saver, they also using battery, means I can just placed anywhere without worrying to look for a power plug.

I also decided to decorate one of my vintage jars. For this one, my dear friend helped me to decorate, she was spending her Sunday with us last week. She put the remaining mushroom and snowflake on the jar and wrap with a little bit of light for the magical effects :).

I go gaga with IKEA lights haha, and since we do not have Christmas tree I also placed some of the light at our indoor plant. But really I am not over done it so I think my living and dining hall still look pretty with little light here and there.

And this is my daughter cum my assistant. She was really well behave and tried to help me as much as she could during the decoration process. She is 21 month and I let her get involve in everything I do, because I believe unstructured learning nurture creativity.

Thanks for drop by, This is just a simple decoration but made me happy. I wish you could share yours so I can drop by too....Have a happy day!

{images are by me}


  1. Hi Fen, Love the decorations!! very pretty and very creative!!

  2. Oh, Fenny! Your decorations are absolutely magical!!!

  3. Gorgeous!! Love that reindeer too! I picked up similar decors from IKEA this year, but you definitely did a way better job! :)