Christmas party at home

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Few days ago I posted my Christmas decoration at home, it represented a simple and informal decoration. Today I would like to share our Christmas party at home, still it was informal, cozy and intimate. We invited 6 of our close friends, love their companion and love the atmosphere.

My number one list when I hosted house party is fresh flower for the table , it is a must lists :). I bought local berries flower and white tiny flower, supposed to by baby breath (my most fave flower), but the local flower shop near by my house run out of stocks. I arranged them together in my enamel jug.

And cuts some berries, remove the leaves, made this Christmas cookies garland , tied on the berries branch that I cut then placed on the mini milk bottle. This one is for my daughter and I was planning to place at her high chair table during the dinner , but end up I placed them above the fridge :).

The dinner set up is very informal, I did not place the cutlery and plate in each designated seat instead I place them inside the glass vase and I stuffed the rice inside the vase to make the cutlery stand. The idea found it here.
Our table is also not big enough for 8 people and 1 toddler. Well, just nice actually. So I did not serve normal plate size, I use assorted smaller plates {that normally to serve dessert/cakes}. Still much better than disposable plates, I don't really like to use them, ruin the aesthetic :).

I love candle, planned to lit them but because the table was too crowded with food, so I decided to remove them instead :).

Before dinner....

And after dinner....
You will see that I use assorted serving plates, dining plates and bowl, I don't own a complete set {I would love to have one someday, still saving for that :p}.

Good companion is not complete without a good wine... We were drinking quite a lot at that night, enjoy our each other companion, laughter and warm conversation. Lovely!

And we must give a high credit to our little one. Even this is her first time to host a house party, She was a great host, not fussy, loving and mingle with everyone. We proud of her...

On the table - {I cooked most of the meal}:
  • Honey Glazed baked ham (pork)
  • Potato salad
  • Brussels sprouts in garlic butter
  • Seafood Aglio Olio spaghetti
  • Assorted satay (skewers) - lamb, beef, chicken (from our friend)
  • Dessert; Manggo float
  • White wines (I couldn't remember what my hubby bought, but it tasted fruity)

Plates and cutlery are inexpensive from Daiso and IKEA

We won't have anymore party at our home this year. We will be having our Christmas eve dinner with my husband's parent at the small and cozy restaurant near by. Then new year eve I will just cook for my little family and spend our quiet time at home.

How about yours, lovely friends? Celebration just around the corner.

{images are by me for f4fabulous}

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  1. i love how nice it looks...reminds me - we should do a pre-christmas dinner too at my place! :))