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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Have you ever think what little things that makes you smiles?
By nature I am a happy person, I am not easy to get upset and I can hold my temper pretty good :) for that I am quite proud of my self. But I am an emotional person, I take little things too seriously sometimes...Little things also could make me easily happy!

Sometime after long hour at work, I love to be back home and redecorate our little corners in our home, as simple as just re arrange the books and mix matching with different ornaments, I just love to see pretty things, it makes me happy!

Today I am so inspired with these few pretty happy corner that I found in the blog lands. Thought of sharing it with you. Also when I saw Bri Emery (Design Love Fest)'s loft and featured on Rue magazine holiday issue 2011, I am drooling. I miss our studio a lot (though no regrets to move to bigger place now).

Anyway... have a happy day!
Images credit - The first four, clockwise:
1. Creature Comfort
2. Me and Alice
3. Traveling Mama
4. The Happy Home

and Bri Emery's loft images for Rue magazine holiday issue 2011 via Bonnie Tsang.

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