Little thought on Monday + {creativity e-course}

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello everyone, I wish all of you had a great weekend. Mine was pretty interesting, I went to my very first Zakka handmade market and turned out to be very fun and met few wonderful hand makers. I am still compiling tons of photos that I took, hopefully I can post tomorrow at my blog. Beside that I had fun going for high tea with dear friends and steam boat dinner with hubby n little one.

Today at my usual column 'Little thought on Monday' I would like to share great creativity course called Raining Umbrella by lovely Vicki - sweet friend, blogger and talented photographer of Simply Hue. I know Vicki when I joined her e-course, I was the first batch of Raining Umbrella :). I love her for being so generous, humble and share a lot of creative inspiration. This is the course that I feel very beneficial for those who love to write about lifestyle and beautiful finds. There are so many talented people sharing their creative root and inspiration at the course, I also encountered many like minded people and great networking over the period of 4 weeks.
For this Autumn, she offering a great deal and affordable fee which is more than you could expect for. So enjoy the deal :)

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween... Booo...

{image: Raining Umbrella}

Travel to "the Best of College Avenue" with Starlet

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hi everyone! My name is Starlet from CanYouComeHome where I write about home, garden, fashion, and design. I'm super thrilled to be a part of lovely Fenny's travel series. Originally from Indonesia, I currently reside in the Bay Area, California - 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the famous San Francisco, 30 minutes away from the U.S. national security laboratory in Livermore, 40 minutes away from the fast pace Silicon Valley, 50 minutes away from the Napa Valley wine country, and an hour away from the capital of California.

Enough of the geographical quiz :D, I want to give you a quick tour on a very special avenue that connects the city of Oakland to Berkeley. It is so easy to fall in love with College Avenue. The street offers a vast shopping and dining experience nestled among the most popular and walkable residential areas.

When I say vast, seriously, there are so many boutique businesses and eateries in this very street I'm still looking forward to discover. So today, I'll let you in on the places that I just can't miss whenever I'm in the area.


Maison D'Etre

Maison D'Etre

A delightful eclectic shop with TONS of charms, carrying high quality anything-home products to a dash of uber chic jewelries. Known for its antiques! My go to cheer-me-up-full-of-inspiration store, I simply love wandering inside checking each and every products, usually stepping out happily with a pretty li'l something for myself or other loved ones.


Nathan & Co

A recently opened second location, the store's tagline is "great gifts for all occasions" with a bonus of free gift wrapping! The place is newly renovated with gorgeous decor and layout. Known for its selection of cards! On my first certainly not last visit, I was presented with unique and fun merchandises.

Fit Clothing


When I first laid my eyes on this store, I am immediately hooked! They received the "best women boutique" award (readers choice) from Oakland Magazine in 2010. The polished and elegant clothing curation from DVF, Vera Wang, Orla Kiely (among the other American, European, and Japanese designers) they carry explains why. Known for its personalized shopping experience!

The Market Hall

Market Hall

A well rounded spot for "serious food lovers", consists of different stores that each offer: the freshest pasta & specialty food, local high quality produce, deep roasted coffee across from European style bakery, fresh cut flowers, food friendly wine, sustainable fish shop and a butcher shop with holistic principles! If you're a foodie like me, you'd be in heaven.

Diesel, a Bookstore


One of the three locations (the other two are in Malibu and Santa Monica) of a proud independent bookstore (YAY!) that regularly hosts author events, great sense of humor and 'California culture'. It's your neighborhood bookstore! I love the by-color presentation and cozy fireplace.

Bittersweet the Chocolate Cafe


A perfect spot for an afternoon break. This warm and inviting cafe is all about the chocolate, furnished with rustic and colorful pieces. I go here for a cacao adventure (my last one was the spicy hot chocolate, which was simply a joy for fall!)


Jeremy's Womenwear

I almost canceled writing this post (just kidding Fenny!) because I was like..should I or should I not tell the world about this place? It used to (depends on the season or inventory I guess?) have tons of overstock and salvages from Anthropologie and J.Crew. Fret not, it still has branded items at ridiculous prices. I found a salvage Robert Rodriguez dress for $40 while it was still selling online for $600. There was a tear in the lining, but otherwise it's a perfectly beautiful dress. It is a hit and miss. And you have to be sharp about finding the imperfections and decide quickly whether you want to accommodate those stains or holes or not before someone else snatch it away.


Jeremy's 2 Menswear

A couple of doors away, this one is the mens version of the one above. It also where they stock the shoes, some home decors, and children's clothing.

P.S. The one in SF is bigger and has more high end brands!



There is almost always a line every time I pass this well designed ice cream place. Maybe it is the soft cloud like yummy color of the store. Or maybe it's because they serve killer handmade ice cream! (Nuv said :D)



Hmm what can I say, it's a hole-in-the-wall Japanese with a cheap, fast, and decent tasting plus quite a wide range of menu from sushi to soba to ramen to the usual suspect-yaki. Free hot tea is always good and for under 8 bucks I got a large bowl of tonkatsu donburi with miso soup. Cash only under ten bucks.

Rialto Cinemas

Rialto Cinema

A small old school style movie theater that often shows indie and foreign movies among great Hollywood large screen experience. The last few times I was here with my beau, we both loved it. The crowd was drama-free, courteous to others, and simply pleasant. {Cash only with ATM on the premises and walking distance}.

So those are a few of my favorite things in the College Avenue. I hope y'all enjoyed the day trip.

Thanks again Fenny for letting me hang out in your fabulous space :)

Thank you for the fabulous travel post Starlet. I love it, don't you?
If you want to know more about Starlet, please visit her blog and say hello. I personally love her fashion posts. Very inspiring :).

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Happy weekend folks....

Baby's breath flowers

Thursday, October 27, 2011

{image via Intimate Weddings}

One of my all time favorite flower is baby's breath. I always think this tiny, simple, white flower is very versatile and I could not go wrong to combine this with any flowers. I love to see them with yellow Daisies, pink carnation or just let alone has its beauty.

I never throw away my left over flowers, my daisies fade and fall but this tiny beauty after a week is still looking good, so I just transfer them into my plain black color Japanese tea cup and rearrange it again (picture below). I never get tired to have them at my home, but unfortunately this flower is pretty costly here, so I can't afford to have it every time.

What is your favorite flowers? What are you normally do with your left over flowers?

{image is by me}

Tomorrow will be a special guest travel post by someone extra special, I love her post and she shared fabulous place to shop fabulous books, cozy cafes and steal purchase for branded clothes, I feel want to pack my suitcase and fly to that place. So please don't forget to drop by :).

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Happy Deepavali

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today I am taking a day off from blog-land and spending my day off with family.
Today our Indian friends in Malaysia and over the world celebrating Deepavali - the festival of light. So I wish happy Deepavali.
Talk to you again tomorrow....

{image Bonnie Tsang via 100layers cake}

Lovely Clusters : Fave picks

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When I read this post at Simply Hue. I was so happy that I found another handmade market place called Lovely Clusters. Or may be most of you know about it already? Where am I all this while...

I love to visit Etsy of course, but smaller place like Lovely Clusters makes me feel so cozy to carefully select items that I love. I didn't feel overwhelmed with the choices, makes online shopping more relaxing either :).

I made collages of these items that I picked into my purchase lists. Mostly are vintages jewelry and also fine art photographs, I always love them when I shopped for vintage styles. Do you like my selection?

You can visit Lovely Clusters or enjoy their sweet Fall/Winter 2011 catalog.

Images {clockwise via Lovely Clusters}
1. Saucer ring
2. Photograph by Simply Hue
3. Vintage Brooch
4. Victorian ring
5. Photograph by Stepmel
6. Vintage hair pin

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Little thought on Monday + {new blog list}

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Monday everyone. I am so ready to enjoy this week. I felt recharged after our company retreat (working related) and also happy that this Wednesday we will have one day public holiday, due to the Deepavali celebration here in Malaysia. I always love public holiday in mid week :).

And today I also added Happy Interior blog into my blog list, I would like to share the new blog in blogsphere that worth to check it out belong to my twitter friend Igor Josif. I love to have him as a friend, because tweeting (we never talked) with him seems to make me happy. He is a very joyful person. Please drop by at his blog and have a blessed week ahead!

{images is from Happy Interior blog}

I have a dream....

Friday, October 21, 2011

I am going to sign off early this weekend, I am going to country side for my company retreat, this is now going to be a relaxing one but will be having an endless meeting. So, today I created a dreamy mood board for my mental meditation :). If you have not encounter to the work of Jose Villa photography, then you should visit his site. It's beautiful and dreamy.

Have a great and relaxing weekend everyone. And again, if you haven't have chance to enter my giveaway, you are welcome to participate. The more the merrier...

{images are from Jose Villa}

Geometric loves

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lately Geometric pattern seem drawn into my attention. Love it in any form of design. Sometimes simplicity is the best. Don't you agree?
images clockwise:
1. Wall decal from tinchdesignstudio
2. Boys T shirt {that I wish to own} from Zara
3. Eco bag from The New Domestic
4. Cat print from Gingiber

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special {post} + giveaway - CLOSED

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


...Again you can't connect the dot looking forward, you only can connect them looking backwards, so you have to trust that the dots somehow connect in your future-- Steve Job

I know the world of blogging since 2006 when casual friend of mine introduced one blog that until now I'm still become a very loyal follower. That was the first blog that I ever read, not other than decor8 by Holly Becker . She inspired me to write my own blog, then.

Introduce to Blogging Your Way

Fast forward to year 2010, I knew about BYW e-course conducted by Holly - decor8 and Leslie. I always wanted to join... but it fears me that I won't be able doing any good at it. After fighting with my own fears, I finally joined the class on March 2011, I am thankful I did, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from someone so genuine and willing to share her knowledge to us. If I never joined then, I never been able to discover that I actually enjoy blogging so much. I remember Holly's podcast 'fear is a better feeling than regret'. I totally agree with her. I do not want to have any regret for things that I wanted to do, opportunity sometimes only come once in lifetime.

I also feel blessed to encounter many friends through blogging, most of us living apart and never meet each other {someday, hopefully will meet in person} but we seem to have a creative connection and very supportive toward each others. For that I really want to say thank you, to my dear friends, to my readers.

Decorate book - 1000 professional design ideas for every room in your home

When Holly and her co writer Joanna Copestick wrote Decorate, I was thrilled to have one, This book is not available in Malaysia, I pre ordered the book through Amazon, and the waits for three month at that time seems forever. Again, this is the first design and interior book that I ever had, I always a magazine person when it comes to design ideas. I love everything about this book but I am not going to write a review here , you can click this review from Amazon. Therefore, if I really need to choose between dying or picking anything most favorite in the book, I would said that what I love the most from the chapter are the flea market style, colorful style and attention to detail- flowers. Those are nearer to my personal style.

Giveaway time....

And because you {my readers and my friends) are meant a lot for me, I want to give 1 copy of Decorate book for the lucky winner who participate in this giveaway.

When is the giveaway start?
This giveaway is open from today 19th October 2011 and closed on the 2nd November 2011- 10am Malaysian time {two weeks}

Who entitles to join this giveaway?
Everyone in this part of the world :).

Any particular requirement to participate?
To participate is easy just leave a comment at the comment section below and if you would like to share this answer it would be great too:
1. Who influence your creative life?
2. And how she/he inspired you?

Other than that,
Don't forget to attach your email, so if you are one of the winner I could easily contact you.

Anything more,
No obligation to follow me on Twitter or to follow my blog but tweet about it if you could, good thing is meant to share and let others know :)

Important notification:
I don't have a copy with me, after I randomly pick the winner I will do online order through Amazon and send directly from Amazon to your address. Because I figure out this is a faster way to deliver. Allow me maximum two weeks to a month from the date of announcement for the book to be arrived at your place {the delivery time may take a little bit longer depend on the availability and your country of origin}.

Thank you for drop by and join my first giveaway, I am so excited. I hope you are as excited as I am...

{images are by me for f4fabulousblog}

Old & New {plates}

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The moment I found these work of talented Dutch artist Ninainvorm, I immediately falling in love with it. I always have a heart for vintage plates and tea set. And I love how smart she is to screen printed vintage treasures with hip design of hers. Isn't the collaboration turned out to be very lovely? I am saving money from now to budget this purchases.

Ninainvorm shop is on Etsy.

{all images are from Ninainvorm}

Little thought on Monday

Monday, October 17, 2011

Yesterday was the best Sunday that I ever had for the longest time, well our Sunday was always good, but this one is one of the best :). The weather was so pleasant, it was raining in two days, at Saturday and Sunday morning, left the rest of Sunday with a cloudy and chilled weather, we didn't turn on the air con either, very lovely for outdoor activities, but we just relax at home, I went to swim at down stair while my daughter and hubby had their afternoon nap.

Because of Saturday was heavy rain, when I woke up at Sunday morning, I saw few leafs from my plant falling on my rattan rug at my balcony. I felt autumn in a glance haha... I always dream about autumn even we live in the country that forever sunny. And I also very delight that my tiny yellow flower is starting to bloom. Love it.

Actually, I had a lot of things to do, including preparing give away for my blog, but we spent the rest of Sunday cuddled at the sofa, I thought hey... I need to do nothing once in a while. isn't it? And only before dinner we went out to shop for our little one. Her feet grows very fast, so she needs a new shoes :).

How was your weekend treated you? Happy Monday everyone...

{images are by me for f4fabulousblog}

Vintage globe centerpiece for fall

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I love to collect old/vintage globes from my flea market finds, but because its old, they never came in perfect shapes, means some of the globe's leg are broken, or event only the globe but no leg. I thought after I found this images at BHG... yay.... finally I know what to do with few of them. Isn't it cute idea to cut them into half and make as a fall centerpiece? Well, we don't celebrate fall here, still we can fill in with summer flowers :).

Do you love the idea too?

{image via BHG}

Guest Travel Post at Bloesemblog : {Poco homemade - Kitchen and Zakka}

Hello dear friends, today I am a guest post for the second time at Bloesem blog- one of my favorite blog, and again I am so honored to have the opportunity to be a guest post at Irene's blog. She always so generous and kind.

I visited a sweet lifestyle cafe in the suburb of Kuala Lumpur with my dear friend (photo above) last week, this place is quite special and I think it is worth to share to all of you and Bloesem readers to know a bit more about dining places in Kuala Lumpur :).

Further reading please visit this post at Bloesem Blog. I hope you like it :)

{image is by me for f4fabulousblog}

natural linen table setting

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I love to peek Etsy for my window-online shopping. And look what I found! What a lovely, natural and simple table setting. I really love linen. It is one of my favorite texture to play with. The natural color it self is very intriguing, and I would really love these set for my dining table.
Do you love them?

These gorgeous set could find at here.

{images are courtesy of lucypritchard}