{At glace of our} Chinese new year break

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I am a bit freaking out today when I saw the announcement that Picnik (my fave photo editor site) is closing down on April 2012. it said they will merge with Google+, I am sure I will figure it out how to cope with the changes, but I just feel discomfort when I already in my comfort zone of using tools that I like then there are a sudden changes. Oh well... I guess I have to adapt with the changes, constantly. Is it a good sign?

Anyway, I am back to work and blog again after I have a pretty satisfying Chinese new year break for about 5 days. Office is still very quiet, normally peeps will be back next Monday, since we are not going anywhere, so I thought I save my leaves for emergency matters (or other holiday). My hubby is still on leave and he will be a domestic helper today at our home, to clean our house and tidy up some mess left over from our holiday break, what a cutie hubster!

We were mostly home during the break, I tidied up my closet, sorted old clothes and ready to give away to the charity, and it goes for my daughter's too. She grows up so fast till the buying of her clothes couldn't catch up with her grows, scary how many amount of dresses we put aside in every 5-6 months. She talks a lot too, my baby is a little person with own personalty now, I am still a very much denial mom, who always thought she just born yesterday! we bought her an animal globe during the weekend and turned up I am more excited to learn about them. I also cooked as frequent as I usually did during the break, I enjoy cooking, dislike the preps. So I decided to learn more to cook for simple dish, and Chinese dishes are not in the lists apparently!

Every Chinese new year, I spend time with my hubby's family... except last year we spent time with Italians cause we were at Italy. Over the years live in Malaysia, I still try to adapt the culture. I think I am pretty good with it, except of the language barrier. My in laws speak English but not all their relatives speaks, they will have a big gathering at every new year, they like to talk, I sit and listened but I barely understood. Throughout the years I could guess what they talked about, because the topic is always the same, who getting married, who has babies, when is the next babies coming, etc... anyhow they are bunch of friendly peeps.

Some aunties that believe in ancestors spirit persuaded us to bring our daughter to the temple to receive blessing. I was reluctant as it against our believe, but when it comes to the family affairs, it is about compromise in certain points. I believe they don't do any harm, so this year for the very first time, my daughter went to the temple :).

So the rest of the break, I was just hanging out with my best friend (read= my hubby). We went to cozy cafe, and also short break to the country side. My mom called me last night, to complain about my dad. Well, my dad is not the easiest person in the world to live with. This phone call was an anchor of my short break. I ended up at sleepless night of worrying about my mom back in Indonesia. I guess I just need to give her much more encouragement. It is well said at the cafe's menu cover ' When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade'.

All photos I took with my iPhone using Instagram apps. And I just got the twitter message from sweet Megan @dressedbystyle, she feature my instagram photos. So honored! You may want to send a little love to visit her post here.

Be back tomorrow!

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