Happy new year 2012 +{fresh and sparkling}

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy new year 2012, everyone. How's your new year celebration? I hope all was merry and happy. I was having cold at home, but tried not to be miserable so I had a lot of domestic activities (read ; resting, munching, cuddling ;p)during the new year eve.
And, now all the parties was over but the celebration will be throughout the year, despite all the obstacle that we might face this coming year, I believe to always stay positive, focus, work hard, play harder and all the good things will still be in our hands as a result. Let's celebrate our life :).

I am having a few plan to improve my blog. I will be joining the BYW 2.0 by Decor8 this April 2012. Let's join together! Beside that I will still continue my Monday series that I normally write about my little personal thought, and I will add another series on Friday. I am not sure what to call them yet, but I have rough idea about it. I hope I can start to launch it this Friday. Along the way in year 2012, I hope I can collaborate more with other bloggers.

I will write daily again started today after a long deserve break, so see you tomorrow for more post and Have a happy day, peeps!

{images clockwise: 1,3 Selina Lake, 2. TheSelby, 4. Hopscotch & Grace

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