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Friday, January 20, 2012

Apart of the terrible traffic lately, I am excited to have a mini break for Chinese New Year. We are having 4 days holiday including weekend, but most of the peeps who celebrates will take a week off. Chinese new year is a big festival here in Malaysia. I will be having mini break from blogging as well and spend time with my family, be back next Thursday :).

After this festive is over, comes Valentine, then My hubby birthday and my little one as well. So I thought of gathering ideas to celebrate. I came across Think Garnish shop lately, I personally like their plain and natural color of their party ware products, so I could DIY it to make them pretty or leave it natural as it is. Either way is adorable.

They also give little ideas about the party theme, I love the idea to have soup swap or may be recipe swap with my girl friends. I am planning to have small open house during Chinese new year with my girlfriends over tea at my place.... ehmmm may be we can do cookies swap as well :).

Some pretty pictures here...

Happy Chinese new year for those who celebrated and see you again next Thursday. Ohhh... Happy weekend too :).

{all images are from Think Garnish}

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  1. I love February so much!!

    Happy Chinese New Year Fenny! I hope you have a wonderful holiday :)