Little thought on Monday +{girl's power}

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Monday friends. Hope you have a blissful manic Monday :). I had a good weekend, why its good, because it's balance. I had a great girls days out on Saturday and super quality time on Sunday with my family. So I am a happy Monday girl!

Since I had my toddler girl, hanging out with my girl friends is something that very privilege, especially weekend, I tent to focus on my family. I have little friends to be honest, I chose my friends. I am not snobbish, I consider my self very friendly person, but I choose who I hang out with. I like to be surrounded by happy and positive peeps, as much as temptation occurs to listen to gossip, but I made my self stays away to it. I love my girl friends, they are happy peeps, they share meaningful life story and happy dream, it makes me happy :).

I still remember my teen or early 20's when we talked about boys and stuffs. Now I am in mid 30's and we talked about life and dream.... I feel so good to be in this era. I feel this is a good thing to talk and explore. And now my Monday is recharged :) Thanks girls for the wonderful time.

Here some photos and I love my new rabbit ring with hot pink nail polish. Perfect for Monday!
Nothing beat cozy cafe and healthy food when we have girl's talk....

{images are by me took by my iphone - instagram and pic collage apps}


  1. I love hanging out my the girls too! And that ring is absolutely divine!
    x Iris

  2. I think having a few close girlfriends are better than having a lot of "not" so close girlfriends. I'm with you on that! Happy you got some time to hang out and relax! Love your fun photos!