Little thought on Monday + {Wedding Anniversary}

Monday, January 16, 2012

Yesterday we celebrated our 7th years of our marriage. It has been a fabulous years living together and having family. It is not always merry and happy, we have our bitter days, but it makes us grows closer through thick and thin.

Last year we celebrated just the two of us in Italy. We visited Rome and we also spent three days in Venice, the most romantic place in the world in my opinion, we strolled the canals, holding hands, dine and hang out at the cafe,with a good food, wines and and lotsa of laughter.

This year, we didn't travel, we dined Italian food at nearby cozy and delish restaurant haha.. so coincidence it's Italian food again! And also I found the best Gnocchi in town (after looking for so long). This time, not just the two of us, but we brought our bundle of joy. Turned not to be romantic dinner but we had to take turn of each other to entertain our little one as she was a bit bored with the romantic style and dim lightings of the restaurant :).

In the down side, my mood at that night was not in a 100% cheers up, I got a sad news in the morning that my Indonesian friend living in Malaysia, her husband just passed away so sudden. It remind me that life is so fragile, we never know what awaits us in the future, so lets just cherish life at every moments.

Have a good Monday!

{images are by me}


  1. Happy Anniversary! I agree that Venise is one of the most romantic place on earth, and I can't wait to bring him there...
    I love gnocchi too!

  2. A very happy anniversary to you and your hubby!
    I can totally relate to your Italian cravings... we honeymooned in Italy 11 years ago and we try get back there as often as possible...bella!

  3. Oh poor you, that is awful news. Yes, life is so fragile, so we should not waste it. And enjoy things like anniversaries and travel (Yes, Venice! Together with Paris My Favorite City too!)
    x Iris