New flowers and wrapping papers

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yesterday I was off to island for day working trip, The flight back was terrible and at one point made me thinks I am gonna die soon :). The meeting was fruitful so I have no complain for it but I missed my blogging time yesterday. Today I just wanted to share the flowers that I bought over the weekend, this white pompoms are new for me. I never had them at my home before, I love them both because its very lasting, I can keep them for more than a week, worth considering they are little bit expensive.

I also bought few new high quality wrapping papers. I won't probably use them for wrapping, I love the bird and paradise pattern, it is like Chinese new year-ish. And I am in the midst of preparing our Chinese new year celebration. So this print is sweet to display :). I hope I will be able to share few picture of the decoration at my home soon, especially when the willow branches is blooming.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. You buy the prettiest flowers and you know how to arrange it too! Love the wrapping paper too, so unique!

  2. The flowers are stunning, good choice!

  3. i agree with Jeanne..beautifully chosen and arranged Fenny!