Short break: French theme resort

Friday, January 27, 2012

We were at Colmar Tropicale during our last two days of Chinese new year break. It is a French theme resort located at the highland. The weather is chilled, so it is nice to be outdoor most of the time. This time my mother in law came along, so she had plenty of quality time with my daughter while I was strolling the small village inside the resort with my hubby.

It is a pretty nice place for the first timer. They have reasonably complete facilities, from the French food restaurant, massage place and kids entertainment. I admired those colorful French window at the hotel balcony. I dream to have ones someday :).

We also hiked at the Botanical and Japanese garden near by the resort, and I saw this beautiful wild roses and tiny pink flowers that I never seen before. In fact I learned a lot about plants during our hiking.

And we ended up at the Botanical garden's shop and bought this stylish sun glasses for my daughter..:) It was a relaxing short break indeed.

{all images are by me}


  1. That resort is so cool! Would be so nice to have something like that in SF! Umm, and that last picture?? TOO CUTE! xo

  2. The place is very beautiful. It looks something that comes out of a fairy tale. I bet the kids will really love to play there.

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  3. Wow, a clock tower: I've always wanted to go to one. Those cute pink shutters give the place a dollhouse look.

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  4. The place is looking lovely with your art effects. It is a contemporary blend of English and Dutch. The inn is a testament to it.
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