Some Chinese new year decoration at home

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I just did a little bit decoration for Chinese new year (CNY) that will be coming soon in within 2 weeks. I recycle few of my Christmas decoration since it has the same color ; Red. This is the first time I decorate my home during CNY, normally only during Christmas, but since I and my husband has Chinese blood, so I decided to feel the festive at our home. May be will invite few friends for tea and bake cakes at home during the festive too :).

I bought this Chinese dolls from our trip to Shanghai sometime back, I thought it is cute to display during the festive. I put on top of my book shelf at our living room. Used to look like this during Christmas. Now transformed for CNY.

This red flower is actually my brooch, but it matched with the decoration, so I lent it there (sorry for the blurry picture).

I bought this branches, I am not sure what is the name, Can anyone tell me? Suppose to be 4-6 feet tall, they said the taller the better.. but I cut into less than 2 feet and put on top of the table. Below is the photo when the first time I bought them.

Now they started to bloom. They will be fully blooming during CNY day. All white and look like cotton buds, love it :)

And I tucked this little dangling Dragon ornament, since we are going to celebrate the year of the Dragon.

Do you celebrate Chinese new year at your country? how s that? Malaysia is just fully festive.

{Images are by me}


  1. Hi Fenny, love your Chinese decorations!
    Thanks for following me!

  2. Fenny, it's called Willow Catkins, love them too and also the lovely gold cardholder, so pretty!

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. its called pussy willow. its one of my fave must haves for every cny:D

  4. Loving your decorations! Will you be posting more for Chinese New Year 2013?