Take a BOW

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today is a gloomy day. Not so productive day too, it started with lack of sleep (only 3 hours) last night. I am not sure why I was totally awake and keep thinking about my daughter grows up so quickly and time to find pre schools, all of these matters made me so stressed up. Sigh!

So to cheer up my so-so day and not so in the creative mood either, stare my bow black shoes that I wore today I thought of ... suddenly I have a crush on bows and mustard yellow color will be {hopefully} cheer up my remaining day!.

And I wish you have a happier mood that I am today.{images clockwise: 1. Secdus, 2. LoseControl, 3. Forage, 4. Utterlyengaged }

Psss: Check on Forage for their original bow ties. Its a good present for your man, or your self :).

1 comment:

  1. Love mustard yellow (always)! And such pretty bows too! *hugs* Hope your day turns out better soon!