Winter picks {wardrobe}

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today I received the package from Tricotaria, I bought knitted necklace and neck warmer. Yes, neck warmer for winter one, made from organic wool and it's extremely hot if I wear it in Malaysia, also people will laugh at me to walk around wearing winter attire at 30deg C sunny weather. But this month I made two purchase of winter wardrobe, I also bought knee length boot and only God knows when I am gonna wear them. Sigh! I am an impulsive shopper sometimes.

Last year we (me and my husband) were at Switzerland during winter, we enjoyed the trip so much, we love the cozy outdoor cafe at day time when the sun is shine and the weather is not freezing cold, we enjoyed our coffee and soaked our selves on those furry lamb rug. Bliss! And this year we are in sunny Malaysia and here I am imagining winter by purchased winter wardrobe. Silly!

Some of you are having winter currently, right? How 's that so far? any wish list to add for winter wardrobe? I am dying to have wrist worm by Sanda Juto. I think they are adorable.

{images: 1. taken by me during my trip to Zurich, wrist worm by Sandra Juto, Neck warmer by Tricotaria, Boots via Elle by Sydney Wasserman}

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