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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've been dreaming to have attic at my home, but I guess it will never happen here, unless you are rich enough and build your own house. Last year when we searching for bigger place of condominium, we found one with duplex and the duplex is an attic, I almost said yes immediately, but then it is in the forth floor and there are no lift, not suitable with our condition at that time, We have our baby and bring up and down the stroller and all the stuffs will be a hassle. Only if I could dream once again, these will be my ideal attics and what I am gonna do with it. I love the idea to have a family room at the attic, or my own quiet room that I can do my quiet time, reading, hand making things or just relax enjoying my tea and day dreaming :). I really love the idea to have small and cute library over small space of attic.

{Clockwise 1,2,3,4}

And my husband will love to have our bedroom up there, with the woods and dark color, typically him haha.... for my daughter, she will be thrilled to finally have spacious play room while I can do my things at there in the same time.... ahhh what a dream! What about you? do you have attic at your home? what did you do with them?

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