DIY project from The Homemade Home {Sania Pell}

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hi friends, today is a gloomy day for no reason haha... I think I am still a little bit upset about yesterday, I stuck at the jam for 3 hours from office to my house. I supposed to have dinner date with my hubby, because yesterday is his birthday, but we end up having food delivery at home as I reached home about almost 9 o clock in the evening... sigh!

Oh, and recently I did two DIY projects from the Homemade home book, written by my favorite stylist and artist, Sania Pell. If you have not owned one yet, I think you should get it. The DIY projects are awesome and not difficult to follow. I made linen bulletin board, not as pretty as in the book, but I managed to hand sewn the pocket my self, I never sew anything before you know, so it kinda proud of my self haha.

I used cloth tapes for the borders, it strong enough to hold light cards. I found out having a pocket is also very functional, love it. I tug in my branches at the pocket for now. I used MT to paste the cards because the linen is so delicate to be pinned.

I also make this quick DIY project, coat hanger. It is so easy to make, I have plenty of scrap fabric, so I thought this project is really good for them. I plan to make few and use them to hang my daughter's dresses :).

Note: I am desperate to look for picture collage editing software, prefer web based, I miss my old picnik but they close down soon. I tried to use photovisi but doesn't like it that much. You guys have any suggestion?

{all images are by me}

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  1. Well done Fenny! Love Sania Pell & always wish I could set some time aside to make these lovely projects.