D's room

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I posted few pictures previously about my daughter's room, but I thought of sharing more closely today. Sorry the quality is not so good as I shoot it toward evening with less natural light. She got reasonably big room and spacious space to play, but since she entered into toddler hood, she didn't want to sleep at her bed, so we made it as a sofa for her reading corner and we add in queen size bed on the floor. She really moves a lot during her sleep and could occupied the whole queen bed :), this the reason for now we put the bed on the floor with the rubber mat. To make it not so plain I hang the garland that Marie gave me, sweet of her.

Have a great day everyone!

{images are by me}


  1. What sweet and lovely details! It's a really pretty room for your princess, and she's such a lucky girl too! I like those prints you taped on the wall, and also loving the idea of turning the cot into a sofa! x.Shu

  2. thank you for the sweet comments, ladies :)

  3. Love all of your pics Fenny! where is the bedding coming from?
    I have posted the photo with the garland on my FB page, with a link to your blog :-)

  4. marie, the bedding and the cabinet all from IKEA :)

  5. marie you mean the bed sheet? it s local brand from Aussimo :) Love their collection.