Flowers powers...Happy Valentine Day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love all kinds of flowers. They simply makes me happy. I never bought flowers for my self till I got married and has own house, normally people gave me during my birthday, valentine day or any special occasion. I consider that the best present that I always love. Flowers!

When we got our new house at bigger space, I allocated budget to buy flowers every week, I love the touch, the smell and the sentiment. I am not picky with them, but there are few favorite, I used to love roses a lot, I still do, but never bought them anymore as they died so fast. My all time favorite is baby breath, of course! Carnation has colorful range and they are so lasting. I still had mine and look fresh after almost two weeks. I really adore tulips, but it is freaking expensive here, furthermore not many florist sells them. Recently, there is Tulip's sale at the mall, fly direct from Holland in conjunction with Valentine day celebration, and people queuing to get them :).

I also normally like to buy few kinds then arrange it together, no special technique just goes with the guts, I am not always using vase to place them, I use my jugs, tea cup, enamel, anything goes...How about you? Do you like to have flowers at your home?

And since today is Valentine then I just want to share few fave flowers photos. They have lovely color contrast, helplessly romantic and lift up the atmosphere instantly :).
Happy Valentine deary....

{all images are via iHeartFlowers}

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  1. Love these flowers! Especially the one in the gingham teapot :)