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Friday, February 24, 2012

Hi friends, today I am blogging from home at 7pm in the evening, I normally never turn on my Mac whenever I am home, my toddler is beside me and she just presses any keys curiously, so pardon me if there are funny characters in between :), this also the reason why I never touch my lap top at home. But I gotta share with you awesome recipe that I found from Oprah.com last night (or may be you read them already hehe), in case you host some intimate gathering with close friends, these recipes are really my faves.

I am still traumatic to host any event at my home in the near time, because last gathering that supposed to be fun turned out to be a tragic encounter, I lost my good friend a day before she supposed to be at our home and I specially planed to cook for her. The loss is still unbearable, but I try to live and be happy, I am sure she wants me to be happy too. She is in the better place.

I love dried nuts and fruits, I never get bored with them, beside they are also a healthy snacks. Beside having them as a snacks, I would love to try more few recipes that made from dried nuts and fruits for my friends.

Other menu that I love to try is a hearty spread complete with the assorted dip. I think it's fun when you invite your girl friends over and while chit chat -ing we could make our hand busy creating our own food from the assorted spread, making tacos with assorted filling for examples, or just simple naan bread with humus dips... yummy!

And last but not least if you don't have much time to prepare, the very instant love {and easy}.... just slice sweet potato and deep fried it. I think its much more healthier than French fries. What do you think?

I wish you all have a terrific weekend, I am sure I will :). For complete Oscar party recipes, please click to Oprah.com

{all images are from Oprah.com}

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