Little thought on Monday + {new things at home}

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello friends, How s your weekend? I was coughing nonstop and my hubby had asthma attacked. So it was not so good on Saturday, but he got better on Sunday. I was so worried about him and because both of us was unwell, so after we dropped our daughter to my in law to spend her pampered day there, we just stayed at home for our Saturday. I bought few postcard, little fawn, little rabbit two days ago, thus I spent my Saturday placing them at the spot that I wanted, I love to do minor decoration here and there from time to time when I am free on the weekend, it is stress therapy for me :). I also replenish our last week flowers with fresh pink carnations. The rest of the afternoon I became teenager wanna be by watching Twilight Saga - Breaking dawn part 1... haha...

Lately I also bought new outfit and accessories for my wardrobe. I found cute polka dot jumper at a very reasonable price, also this pink leather bracelet is a steal and match any outfit that I wear :). I bought skinny jeans in few color as well. They made me looks slimmer haha...

I wish you have a good Monday ahead, will be back tomorrow with more post. Xo.

{images are by me}

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  1. Cute snaps! Love seeing the little knick knacks around your home.