Personalized eye chart

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I went to Optometrist Last night to check on my eye power and also I have an eye sore, so I thought to fix my specs that my daughter sit on it, the lenses were not in shape anymore. She could be a little destroyer sometimes... sigh! So when I checked my eyes, suddenly I thought of the idea to have eye chart poster for my daughter room, and it so happened my friend sent me this blog link - the tutorial to make own eye chart. So cool!

If you would like to make one for your self, just go to this web site:, type whatever words that you want, but a bit tricky as you need to count exactly on the words if not it will come out with weird sentences. In my case is not so difficult, as I just wanted a simple alphabet chart.

And I edited the last line using picnik, instead of printing the chart with their url I replace with my daughter name and put two little hearts shapes in red color.

Just try it and have fun with the personalize eye chart. If you want to read the full tutorial, please visit split the lark blog. have fun!

{images: First image is from split the lark, the rest is my own}

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  1. The eye chart design is so popular now. I saw it on a cushion the other day on Pinterest. Love how you replace with Dania's name, so creative!