Unique mobiles

Thursday, February 2, 2012

This few days I am decorating my daughter room, since we moved to our new home we concentrate to equip our living room and kitchen. While it almost complete for both space, I don't want to ignore our daughter room. Well, she is comfortable with her room as there are plenty of toys over there :), thus being mommy and being someone that love to add detail in decoration I feel to have a need to pretty up the room.

I think unique design of mobiles is a very sweet touch. Not that she needs it, she was completely ignore her Fisher Price mobile when she entered into toddler hood. But I think nothing wrong to have it still for decoration right? I, my self can't make up my mind either the pompoms or the geometric one. Which one is your choice?

{mobile images 1,2,3 are from Digs, 4,5 are from Pukapuka}

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  1. They are so cute! Love mobiles for the kids room. :) Happy Friday!