Kitchen fun!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I love these illustration to brighten up my kitchen. So I thought of sharing with you today. These illustration from Claudia Pearson are so fun to have for retro or modern kitchen styles. I particularly love the veggie prints and four season tea towel, putting up at my shopping lists for next month :).

Have a good day!

{link to visit her Etsy shop. Images are from Claudia Pearson}


  1. The 4 season tea towels are definitely cute! :) I'm sure they'll add fun colors to any kitchen. I love how her illustrations are recipes inspired, and her style's really whimsy too. Thanks for introducing another great illustrator/graphic artist!

  2. I have a liking for fun illustrations of food. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fun quirky illustrations are right up my alley! Would love to own one of these in my kitchen.

  4. You really got an outstanding idea !!! good job !!! baby bean bag