Little thought on Monday + {Dania turned 2}

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello dearest friends, happy Monday. I have a very relaxing weekend, when I said relaxing means we stayed at home and being couch potato almost all days. I caught up with some movies at HBO that I always wanted to watch in cinemas but no chances. I watched the funny 'Grown up' movie, the inspiring 'Invictus' and also the spooky 'Talented Mr. Ripley'....
How was your weekend?

Oh and I want to share with you few pictures that I took during my daughter's 2nd birthday at her pre school. She is 2 now and she prefers her daddy, makes me jealous a bit :( ... she is truly daddy's gal.

Here is she tried to figure it out how to blow the candle, but in the end she managed successfully...yay!

I don't know that kids are really like to dance during circle time...

These precious ladies are her roommate. The girl from second left, her name is Hannah and she is Dania's cousin :).

Enjoying breakfast after the cake cutting.This is circle time and when kids were listening to someone sing the National Anthem. Yeah they do that here in Malaysia :).

The lovely birthday cake that my friend made.

These are birthday favors that I made my self and took with Instagram (I forgot to take picture using my SLR camera).
All kids are just simply adorable :). Happy Monday!

{all images are by me}