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Friday, April 13, 2012

This space is really a little bit getting lonely, lately. Due to my working commitment, I often abundant my precious little blog. I really hope you don't mind if so happen you visited here and there was only a little update, I try my best to update daily as much as I could, because everyday I have something that inspired me that I really love to share, if only I have more than 24 hours :). oh well...

My hubby flew to China this morning till Monday, I will be home alone with my daughter, I don't like the feeling to be alone during weekend, he left me cute notes this morning when I woke up and he has gone to airport already, makes me miss him more :(. So to cheer my self a bit, I did a little window - online shopping (is that what you called? when you clicking fab websites to see fab things?) And found this 5 playful stuffs that I would love to have for my home. I thought to share it here with you. Hope you like them.

Have a great weekend, everyone.
{shop list - clockwise: floor cushion crochet - Lacasadecoto, hooks and egg cozy - The Collection, Travel mug - PoFu, girl plate - Buisjes en Beugels}

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