Little thought on Monday + { lunch at downtown KL}

Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday everyone. I went to downtown KL to The kingdom of The Netherlands embassy to get my visa done today. I have a trip to the Netherlands next month and I really can't wait to visit the country. Tomorrow is a labor day, its a public holiday here in KL, I don't really like to drive at downtown but today the traffic is exceptionally quiet. May be a lot of peeps are taking leave to enjoy the long weekend. 

I am very seldom to go to the heart of KL, only if have to. Today my friend brought me to this cozy place at the heart of KL called PH (pastry house), I immediately like the brick wall that dominated the cafe. The bread is fresh and nice too. If you are so happen in downtown area you should try this cafe.

Happy Monday, I will be back on Wednesday. If you have a holiday then enjoy your break. 

Pastry House KL
54, Jalan Utara
Kuala Lumpur

{Images are by me}


  1. This looks amazing! Just the kind of place I would want to frequent with a friend... especially on a day with little traffic!

  2. always love seeing where you go to eat... the places you go are so cute. wish we can go do a lunch date together one of these days!