Little thought on Monday + {Sunday school attire for girl}

Monday, April 23, 2012

Last Sunday is Dania's first Sunday school. She just turned two recently and I thought to sent her to Sunday school at our church would be better for her to know about Jesus more :). She had her moment during the class, she was quick to adapt and mingle with her new friends and teacher. I am a proud mommy :). She is in the day care everyday while we were both working, so part of it, easier for her to adapt to the class, but this is her first real school before entering the kindergarten so it 's still big deal for her. 

Today I am creating a mood board for my little girl's attire for her Sunday school, I am a very practical mom and comfy is come first before everything. She will do several activities during class including sing a song, art and craft then snack time before end of the class. She has to put the shoes outside the class, I prefer her to wear sandals with no socks (it is also suitable for Malaysian weather), so easier to take out and wear, especially she is in the time that eager to wear shoes on her own, and she can get very frustrated if she is not succeed to do so. I always prefer simple dress or two pieces attire with cotton material for her active day. My latest craze is still on stripe, Dania will be having plenty of stripe in the next few months :).
Also I prefer back pack than sling bag to put her snack box and diapers (she still not ready for her potty training yet). 

Happy Monday. I hope you enjoy what I pick for my daughter :). I will be traveling tomorrow till Thursday, I hope I can blog at my hotel at night, we'll see how, if not I will see you next Thursday. Stay well, friends.
Shopping lists:
Dress - Thumbeline
Top and bottom - Joe Fresh

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