Little thought on Monday

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday everyone. I am so happy my hubby is back in town today early morning. But nevertheless I had pretty relaxing weekend and a clean house really made me happy too. Not me the one to do the cleaning, but my supper efficient helper did :). I normally have her every two week once to do massive cleaning for my house. I love to be a domestic goddess but not the cleaning part....

{my room with fresh linen}

As my mother in law stayed with me over the weekend to accompany my daughter, so I have a little 'me' time, I did not have any intention to shop, but in the end I found these two cutie. I love this weekend printed tiny hearts shirt, I think it will look sweet with my pink crop jeans. I also wanted to buy white medium size of belt, in the end I fell in love with this bright blue color.

{new shirt and belt}

That's about it, the rest of the time I spent my self at home with lil one and became coach potato.
Have a blessed Monday. I ll post more things tomorrow.

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