Little update

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello dear friends, I suppose to post these picture yesterday at my weekly 'little thought on Monday' but something came out and I wasn't able to write my post yesterday, so I thought still not late to write it on Tuesday for a little update :)

We were celebrating Easter solemnly at Church, I was in charge in activity with the Sunday school children and honored to have Myanmar refugee kids joining us. Then I spent the rest of the holiday at home, cooking Indonesian food for my Malaysian hubby, playing doll dress up with my little one and updating my mood board. My latest craze for this Spring/Summer is the cropped jeans from Uniqlo in all colors, bliss!

And also I found a cozy loft feel place for delish red velvet cake ( my fave cake) and gourmet coffee, it called Whisk. Will definitely be back with my girl friends :)

Have a good day, tomorrow is a holiday again for us...yay!

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  1. So cool to see your little updates! Now I'm craving a red velvet cake. :) Enjoy your holiday today!