Today picks: Lemlem for women

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I skipped yesterday post that suppose to be my weekly column on 'Wednesday picks', because I was outstation for business trip. I went to this old town that the classic train and railways are still active, I was kinda fascinated that I actually drove pass the old time railway...haha...

To replace Wednesday picks, today I want to share with you one a kind of  brand that I found recently , Lemlem. I always appreciate when someone brought up the traditional handcrafted collection into international brands or today fashion and styles, and they always has a good intention to preserve the tradition. I am happy to know most of the native handcrafted from my country of origin nowadays already blended into international brands of fashion, name it batik, ikat, songket and  some other weaving arts. And this incredible handwork from Ethiopia definitely another brand to die for :).

Image : Lemlem

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