I am sorta of back....

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hi all, I am sorta of back....well, I am afraid to make any promises that I will be back soon but I am not. For now, I am back. I feel so guilty with this little space that I had, I miss to write at here so much, and it has been almost three weeks I did not visit this place and also barely visit other blogs. Reason? cliche.. it due to work commitment, but really, work is great and fruitful but it is mad month, the good side for it, time just flies... just like that! and here we are to say hi to June. 

How do I start? it kinda weird to write again after a not so long break but seem very long to me. Well, let me start with updating what happening in my life beside work is busy :). Life is good, always. It depends on how you look at it, right? I mean our family had some tough moments recently, it might involved career changes, life style changes and all those sort of changes. Fear is good things when we look at it as a precautions and it makes us to plan better, but fear won't stop us to move forward.

I spent a lot of times lately to prepare something that unfortunately I couldn't share in here publicly at the moment, it is an opportunity that knock at my door but involved long period of waiting. Therefore hope is a good things, I won't give up just yet. I am trying my best to get this opportunity and only God knows about the result. I'll pray harder :).

I have also have my down moments in the past three weeks, it is hectic for me at work, my toddler was sick consecutively for two weeks, after she was well for few days, some kids gave her another virus that involve quarantine for a week. Thanks for my wonderful husband that takes turn with me to take care of our little one. I know he has a lot of stress at his work recently, but still very helpful whenever I need to do some chores, thanks love! House chores is a continuous labor, once the dining table is cleaned, here comes the living room, and vise versa. I am trying very hard not to complain, but really, sick toddler and house chores just don't match!

I am also very grateful that I still have my sweet moments apart from the chaos. I met few good friends for a good dinner, talk about sweet things. This is the first time I attended the gathering with my girl friends again after the horrible incident that happened to my good friend three months ago. I still miss her so much, but I know she is now in happy place, dancing with the angels... And I make a point I should go out with my girl friends at least once a month, I feel so good to be with them and having a girl conversation, and the fact that they listen to whatever our problem, it is very comforting :).

So what next on the blog? I am trying my best to catch up, to write here of course and to visit my fave blogs and friend's blog again. I am gonna miss the BYW 2.0 class that I've been waiting for so long, therefore this time I gotta pass the class. Good luck for all my blogger friends who will attend the class, have fun! I need to sit for English test (don't ask what is the reason :p), and I also will travel to Europe for two weeks in the mid of June, I am excited for the trip, so my next post for the next two weeks will be inspired by the trip. Pre -trip blog post..yay! When I am back, I promised to someone who is also my fave blogger to exclusively write for her about my Europe trip, I am going to the countryside of Heidelberg (germany), Prague (Czech Rep.), Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary) and end my journey at Amsterdam, one of the city that I always wanted to visit in my life. I am going to meet my lovely blogger friend Iris from Irideeen for the first time in person, also my dear cousins and good friend. There are plenty to write... woohooo... For that let me end my lengthy post with this cute quotes..... Have a happy day!

PS: I am writing this post for 5 hours, not that it's hard to write but in the midst, suddenly little one asked for ice cream, another minutes the ice cream spilled on the floor, another minutes the house is in chaos... and goes on.... so toddler and blogging just don't really match either!

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  1. Sounds like you got a lot going on in your life. I hope everything is alright and I'm sad you won't be in the BYW 2.0 class :( Don't disappear completely, ok? :)

  2. I know what you mean by 5 hour post. I don't have a toddler, but sometimes the phones, doorbells,email chimes, new pinterest pins, and facebook messages just took over priority. Kidding.

    It sounds like you've got a lot of things going on - and I'll be crossing fingers on that opportunity that knocked on your door - for it to stay as long as you want at your home sweet home, Fenny!

    Take it easy and hope that your summer is going well!