Little thought on Monday

Monday, May 14, 2012

I am trying to blog from my iPhone, today I just downloaded the apps. Have you ever try to do mobile blogging? I am not sure how the lay out will turned out, so if any odds things appear just forgive me :)

I feel mobile blogging is very convenience to me, with my busy schedule lately and how much I always want to spare my time to write here but time is just run so fast by the time I want to write, so this apps really given flexibility a bit.

How is your weekend everyone? Did you spend mothers day with your lovely mom? My mom live in Indonesia, I spent the special day with my husband parent, we brought them to the steak house that they used to date before :) it is kinda sweet for them. The place about 100 years old and nothing much changes according to them. I snapped some photo and thought to share it here.

There are many things to share about things here lately by I'd rather type at my Mac than iPhone. So I ll write to you soon :).

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