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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hello dearest, apparently I missed blogging again this two days, but I tried to make it up today. I just want to say hi before my departure tomorrow to Amsterdam. I am taking midnight flight through Amsterdam to Frankfurt and from there our road trip begins :). Excited and anxious in the same time. Excited for a little break and anxious because I have to leave my little girl n beloved hubby for two weeks, I am gonna miss them so much.

This morning I just bought online from my fave shop bijzonderMOOI* and they will send the stuff to my friend house at Den Haag and I will hand carry back to Malaysia haha... what a drama. This is because I really like the cardboard play house for my daughter and I can't get it here and the shop did not send to Malaysia, I guess it is a good deal :).

I will be back tomorrow at here before my short break for 2 weeks. Have a good day everyone!


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  1. Yay, glad you found one you can carry!!!
    x Iris