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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello there.... how is your weekend? We had a blast weekend and sorta of mini dating hehe...
Like I mentioned last Friday that we are going to our friend's wedding dinner, and it was beautiful. It was a small wedding, only attended by close friends and families. We arrived at the historical mansion just right for the sunset, everyone was outside to enjoy the sunset and the cocktails/wines.  Then at about 8pm we adjourned to the colonial dining room. It was a formal dinner, great food, more great wine and great companions. The dining room was a formal setting of course, and it's heavy influence by the British colonial complete with those floral curtain and drapery. While we were having dinner, the pianist entertained us with oldies romantic music. The room was full of love and I felt it's my own dating time with my hubby haha...After dinner and already lotsa of drinking, we adjourned to another room where the band was playing more lively music, set the atmosphere to  dance through the night. Unfortunately we were not staying till the night ends, we have duty as a parent :). But what a lovely lovely Saturday night that we had.
Here are some pictures that I took with my iPhone for my Instagram.

Happy Monday.

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