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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I am so delighted that I managed to blog regularly this week, I thought I am going to break my promise but I am not, I am still busy at work, therefore this week I try to make time to write here, especially next week on Thursday onward I am going to off for 2 weeks for my Europe trip, so I thought at least this week I have to make time to blog everyday, otherwise I would miss it very much for the next two weeks. I am still finding time if I could pre - schedule my post during my absence. I usually do those blog break post whenever I was away. Or may be this is the time to try mobile blogging. I ll let you know later, okay....

Yesterday I did a little bit of packing, when you have an active 2 years old girl living with you, it is hard to dedicate your time to do one task, including packing my clothes. So I decided whenever I have time this week, I just tried to pack bit by bit. My hubby said I am sure will be missing something if I do it that way.... oh well. The little one also needs attention.

And when I traveled, I like to plan what outfit I want to wear on board, day one, day two etc depend on the itinerary... and for your information, I never be a light traveler (which my hubby always complains). But this time I am a little bit considerate, I am going to travel with few colleagues and we are going to be on the road trip or country hop with the MPV, and we already reminded each other please don't bring the extra large luggage with us or it will end up the luggage sit more comfortably than us. So What I am bringing to travel for two weeks are few light tops, two different color of jeans (including what I will wear), scarf, jacket and no extra shoes. It is fair enough, right?

Here the outfit that I will wear when I am on board for about 16 hours. I tried it out and it is pretty comfy...:)

Outfit lists:
1. Dots jumper - Mine is local brand, similar here
2. Watch - owned, Toy Watch
3. Belt - Mine is local brand, similar here
4. Jeans - owned, Zara
5. Body Shoes - owned, Hush Puppies

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