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Thursday, July 5, 2012

I took a day break today from my travel posts, I wanted to share something good to all of you. Irene, my blogger friend and also the founder of Bloesem blog has a new collection of handmade jewelery this Summer. She handmade them by her self and the theme is Bloesem brings beads and braids. She is not a full time jewellery maker so her collection is only one at a kind, once sold it won't replace with the same model. I like to have those one of a kind pieces, because I feel special.  Furthermore, her jewelery made from delicate material such real silver, pearl, gem and genuine Italian cotton ribbon. Yes I bought one for my own incoming birthday present.  And I thought of sharing it today because this it really a limited edition for Summer.

I also preparing to write travel post for Bloesem, there are few places that very special and I managed to capture beautiful images, I will not share the report at my blog because I reserve for Bloesem's readers, I hope I managed to submit to her as soon as possible. 

Tomorrow I will post about food and festive during my Europe trip. Have a good day, don't forget to have fun!


{all images via Bloesem wears}

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  1. These pieces are so colorful and fun! How cool that you're doing a travel post on Bloesem, love seeing your travel pics!