Early weekend break for this week + {some thoughts}

Thursday, July 19, 2012

{images: via Home designing}

Hello dearest friends. I have some thought to share with you today. But first, I want to let you know that I will take early weekend break, I am having big exam day this Saturday, so I am taking leave from work and concentrate my self to recap what I studied the past one month, I actually did not study intensely, trust me! with active toddler around, you will never be able to concentrate into something serious. 

Yesterday, I shared with my colleagues during our company breakfast talk, it is a monthly event that company provides breakfast and we take turn to share something inspirational and motivational to our colleagues. I thought it is a really nice gestures, works always has its challenges, so it is good to encourage each other. I shared about the power of positive thinking and one of the practical tips is we have to be passionate and stay focus on our goal or something that you wish to have or like, and it made me thinking about my own blog, I blogged for a while and become regularly after took the BYW class. I slowly gain loyal readers, it is not big but I am thankful to have them (them = all of you), I am not a full time blogger ain't professional, however I took this seriously and I have a vision where I want to bring my blog for the next five years. For that strong point of view, I think it is time to make a few changes here, little by little not dramatically. To initiate the changes, I am planning to re design my blog appearance to look more simple/minimal, clean and professional,  I am currently looking for one who could redesign F 4fabulous, do you have anyone to recommend? and affordable too of course. 

Even this is my personal space to catalog what inspires me, but I strongly feel I need to maintain to write and present good contents to support my vision and to give the best to my readers, I totally agreed with what Jeanne said, having a quality content, genuine and fresh are taking time, good research and preparation, therefore I am open with the idea if necessary to reduce the frequency from blogging daily to twice or three times a week and provide more quality in my content, furthermore I always wanted to include more of my own photographs in this space. 

I always feel I need to be open to share my plans, ideas and thoughts with you, because all of you is part of this process, that makes me where I am today in blogging land.... so in the few weeks and months, you will see few changes at here....little by little. 
I will end my thought with my fave quote of the day 'The nature of a portfolio is that it's always 'a work in progress' - Mom, Inc

Talk to you on Monday. 


  1. I love that company breakfast talk idea. Really nifty and inspirational. (should copy this when I'm running a big company someday in the future. hahaha)

    Go for it girl! :-)
    Looking forward to read and see the new blog redesign

  2. Follow your own instincts Fenny!! curious about the results!!