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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello dearest, today is Friday and I am writing a post about foods. Well I really enjoy gastronomy and culinary and whatever bizarre words about exploring foods and dine place. One of the pleasure to be able to travel around is also to be able to taste the local food or dine at the cozy restaurant at the place that we visited. Travel with bunch of friends will also has advantages, especially with those whom adventure enough to try new things. I was lucky that my travel companions from my last Europe trip are bunch of foodies lovers :).

Here are some pictures about the food that we had in our trip follows with brief explanation :). Breakfast was always in the hotel, most of our hotels that we stayed served a good breakfast. Then lunch were normally about 1pm, mostly heavy lunch, I couldn't believe the amount of food intake that I had during the trip, I always had light lunch in my regular days. Pork and meat was our major diner menu, especially in Germany. When we were in Budapest the food was slightly different style, there are a little bit Mediterranean influence I guess, rice is widely available on the menu, the way they cooked the rice is a bit different with ours, Asian, they added coarse salt into it. This time I tried to avoid red meat and I opted for poultry. when you visited Budapest trying their goulash is a must and also the roast duck with the homemade dumpling and red cabbage pickles. 

After lunch we usually walked a lot and at 3pm -4 pm we always had tea, coffee, cakes, ice creams whatever sweet stuffs you named it, but my fave would be all those cakes in Vienna, I tried the famous original Sacher Torte that caused me Euro 11 for a small slice, it worth the money though!
Our traveling style was very relaxing, we spent a lot of time sitting outdoor, enjoyed Summer while our mouth always busy to munch :). Then not long ago after tea time, here came the dinner time, during Summer in Europe the sky goes dark around 10pm, and we feel a little bit weird when we had dinner with the sky still brightly shinning so our dinner normally was at 9pm. Dinner was another story, it was like a festive night, there were plenty of food on the table, big glasses of beer and desserts. The most massive one was in Prague, we went to local restaurant recommend by the hotel people and the portion was really huge, there were pork knuckle, duck, sausages, dumplings, etc. However it was a really delicious meals. When we were in Vienna, we met with our local friend and she helped us to book the Rib place called Salm Braeu, few of my friends visited the place before and always wanted to come back there. This place need to do reservation otherwise you won't be able to get the table. The ribs is superb. It is a huge portion but no one willing to share haha...

I was slowing down a bit from heavy dinner when I was in The Netherlands, finally! my highlight was Rijsttafel dinner treated by Yohanna :). I love Rijsttafel that originally is an Indonesian dishes, There are plenty of Indonesian affluent cuisine in the Netherlands. We have close connection before :).

I guess I summarized what I ate during the trip and surprisingly with the amount of food that I had I did not gain weight, it because of the walking, I guessed!

Have a good weekend everyone!

{typical breakfast that we had}

{tea time is a must}

{food that we had in Budapest}

{The crowd, I am in colorful stripe from behind :p,  and the famous ribs at Salm Braeu}

{our dinner in Prague}

{Rijsttafel that I had in Den Haag}

{Meaty meal in Germany}

{lunch in Vienna - Wiener Schnitzel}

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