In the mood of ice cream party

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last week my company held an ice cream party during our quarterly meeting for the big project that we won. I think it was a very nice gestures, to treat everyone a sweet treats. Be it kids or adult, ice cream is always an awesome treats, I think I could put this party theme on second of my most fave party theme (the first list is still 'hamburger buffet' party theme) and invites some sweet friends come along to enjoy, especially for all year Summer season in Malaysia :).

Have a sweet Tuesday everyone!

Party ideas:

1. If not a big fans of ice creams, substitutes with  homemade Popsicle or frozen yoghurt.
2. Use the wooden disposable party scope and spoon for eco friendly from SucreShop
3. I prefer a proper ice cream cups than plastic cups, my fave is from this shop (picture above)
4. To enhance the atmosphere, make this cute DIY ice cream garlands. Step by step DIY project is here via Creature Comfort.

Other images : ice cream via Photoxyz

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  1. Hallo Fenny!
    Haven't been reading your blog in a while :-)
    So that's on my to-do list today. Catch up with what's been happening in your blog. hahaha

    Anyway, hope you are well and good to hear you did awesome for the test.
    Always love the pretty pictures and inspirations you provided in this blog.