Little thought on Monday {5 pleasant things I did last Saturday}

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello all, how is your weekend? I have a blast with my girl friends for our girly outing last Saturday, and have pretty much relaxing Sunday with my little family. I thought we were going for swimming and spending a lot of time at the pool, but end up we spent our time sleeping :). Nevertheless it was still a very relaxing weekend. And here I want to share with all of you 5 reason why I enjoyed my last weekend:

1. Waking up early morning on weekend
I still wake up early morning even it is on weekend, time seems longer when I started my day early and beside that I can have my little quality time before everyone wake up. 

2. Morning coffee
I always have my morning coffee the first time I woke up on weekend, but I seldom open my computer on weekend, only this time because I need to study for my coming IELTS test this Saturday, so I spent my early morning to do self study before the little one woke up and always wanted to monopolized my computer :).

3. Outing with my girl friends.
I also seldom to go out with my girl friends during weekend, I mostly will spend time with my family, but last Saturday I made an effort to meeting them and visit my fave lifestyle mall. I always prefer smaller mall where things are more concentrated. 

3. Shop new dresses
I bought new dresses in a good bargain prices with my girl friends. Shopping with them is always enjoyable. We tried same dresses and took picture for the sake of fun as well. Well, girls no matter how old always like to do girly things together :).

5. First time having Banh Mi
I always wanted to try Banh Mi and finally I found the place where I can have one. So happen it located at my fave mall. So I will visit the shop often :).


I hope yours was also as enjoyable as mine. Have a good Monday!

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