Maginificent Prague

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello there, thank you for stopping by today. I was at my client's place so a bit late to write this post. I had a very relaxing birthday celebration last night, I am not sure it was a celebration or just another quality time at home hehe. I cooked seafood ravioli with classic tomato sauce and goat cheese topping. My husband bought my fave wine and three of us had a good dinner at home, we chatted while our little one enjoying her bunny bread that I made for her. I love to cook and it is a joy to provide a good meal for my family.

Today I just want to share few pictures from my my recent trip to Prague. We drove from Bamberg (Germany) to Prague in our van. the drive took about 3 hours plus. Prague to me is one of the exotic city in central Europe that I ever visited. The scenery is magnificent, especially in the Vltava river area and Charles bridge. There are plenty activity you could possibly do at the river area, people were relaxing to enjoy the Summer time. We took easy to enjoy city scenery as well. And as usual we always tried the local food, and we had a very good dinner and beer at Prague local restaurant. 

We stayed 3 days at the city and one of the days we just wanted to take tram and wandered around. we ended up visiting the resident area, the flats are old, huge and in similar form and size, portrayed the Communist's ruin, therefore within the tore down building I found the beauty in each corners. In bottom line I enjoyed Prague in every moments. 
Have a great day everyone. I talk to you again tomorrow :).

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