A little thought on Monday {with the girls}

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello all, it has been a busy Monday for me so far. I attended meeting after meeting and only now I have time to drop by and write a little update about my weekend. How is your Monday so far? I hope all is good.

Yesterday I had a really great time with my girl friends who came to my house for lunch, my husband is away for few days for overseas working trip, and those who came to my house was so happen their spouses also either away or had something to do. Most of us are moms therefore it is good to mingle and just have a light topic about children and other girly stuffs. 

I was the host of the day so I decided to cook for them. These days we are spoiled by many choices of organic market around the city, and I love to buy organics. I try as much as possible to provide healthy foods for my family and friends, also with nowadays stressful level at work, it always good to  maintain good quality of our food intake. I decided to cook light for our lunch with the girls, I called it low calories lunch and made them not feel guilty if they had to finish it haha.... and I picked some colorful plates and utensils from my kitchen cupboard for table setting. 
It was a lovely day, I took some picture with my camera, I will share it here tomorrow for more details, but here are some Instagram snaps for you :).

Note:   I am trying to make some minor changes at my blog template and also post theme. I am still experimenting. I hope you like it, a little changing is needed sometimes :).

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