My new writing table

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last Saturday when I went out with my girl friends and my daughter was with her grandparent, my hubby went to visit one of his aunt and he came back with this antique writing table that his grandma used to have it. I always wanted to have a proper study/reading room cum my daughter play room but since we moved house a year ago, we still have not really transform our third room to become one. First, the room was like this and currently is like this. So Still need a lot of changes to make the proper study room.

This small table temporary we put at the corner of our bed room near the window. Nothing much I could do with the space except when I am doing my work or blog with my zen book. My Mac book is 17' so it will equipped the whole space of the table and no place to scribble at my note :). However, I am pretty pleased with having this table, beside it had sentimental value, it also keep my dining room tidy from all those computer, wire and notebooks. I tried to make it cozy by having minimal decoration till I really have the real study room.

{images by me}

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