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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello dearest friends. I am finally back, really 100% sorta back to be active and productive. I was away for two weeks for my holiday trip, then I came back with jet leg and follow with being so sick. It must be viruses from the plane or I didn't drink enough water on the plane, the air was so dry, it caused me throat infection a few days later. Anyway, enough for the not so happening story. haha... today to begin my first  post after a long break and I would like to share my visit to Amsterdam, actually Amsterdam is the last destination of my trip, but it also sort of the highlight of the trip, because I traveled with few friends from Malaysia and I extended my trip at Amsterdam alone with the purpose to visit my old friends and meet my new friend.

{Yohanna's cozy house and yummy breakfast}

I thought this experience is very meaningful for me, It started by posting my trip plan on my FB's wall, then one of my old college friend replied me and offer me to stay at her house during my visit to the Netherlands. I am surprise for her offer and hospitality, we are friend during college and we connected back through Facebook after she moves to The Netherlands few years back. Only through online we communicate, I just did not know what to expect when I met her in person again after so many years. But then, when I saw her in the airport (yes she took the effort to pick me from the airport, how sweet, right?), we right away clicked and talked like those old days. It is true when it said a good friend will stick by you long after the teacups are cold. 

She and her Dutch husband were really accommodating, both of them are very sweet couple that I ever seen. She made me breakfast everyday,  drove me around to see Amsterdam, Den Haag and meeting with my cousins at Delft, and let me stay at her cozy house. And the most of it, We had a great time together.  I am forever grateful to have such a great friend. Thank you Yohanna :).

{Yohanna, me and Iris - we look like Hobbit beside Iris hehe}

Another highlight of my trip to Amsterdam is I was able to finally meet Iris, my lovely blogging friend and also very gorgeous lady. From my past experience meeting my blogging friends is always a pleasant meeting and positive discussion, alike with Iris, our meeting was fun and pleasant. She also accompanied me to shop and walk around to enjoy the gloomy Amsterdam. I really love how we are online community and bunch of positive people finally could meet face to face and feel real about what we shared in our blog. I definitely would love to meet my other blogger friends in the future whenever I have a chance to visit their countries or when they pay a visit to Malaysia :).

Tomorrow I will share "Around Amsterdam" at F 4fabulous. So see you tomorrow then :). 

{images are by me}

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  1. It was so much fun Fenny! Looking forward to reading your trip review.
    x Iris