Weekend gathering with girlfriends

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello friends, today I just want to share some of the pictures from my weekend gathering at my home with my girl friends. It was nothing special with the set up or decoration honestly, I just bought a fresh flower from the nearby florist, I chose yellow local flowers (I don't know the name of the flower) and I plugged the leaves from my plants in balcony, I also put my two little birdies and small candle that I bought from Madame Tussauds museum in Shanghai sometime ago beside the flower vase, it serve as center piece of my small dining table . I love to lit candle at home especially when I have guests around, I feel it makes my home cozier. 

I collected few utensils and dining ware, for this event I decided to use the colorful melamine plates that I had, it was kind of girlish dining ware, so I actually never used them yet for any occasions and I guessed it is perfect to use them to entertain the girls. I put colorful mustache sticks for a sweet touch and as a prop of taking picture later on. Kids are having the same sets of colors of bowls and spoons from Ikea :).

I cooked light lunch, all recipes I took from my Pinterest recipe board that I recently collected. Since I am a novice in the area of cooking, so the recipes that I gathered is always very easy to make and I am very glad that everyone love the foods. I cooked pasta for the kids and set my daughter writing table as their dining table, with the purpose that they could mingle and ate by them selves while their mommies enjoyed their lunch and tea time at the proper dining table. But the reality was with kids around, we never be able to sit still hehe.... 

My daughter was a good host at that day, she allowed everyone playing with her kitchen set and other toys. I just learned that boys really love to play with cooking stuffs too, on the other hand my daughter obsessed with their car toys :), oh by the way she was the only girl around so she was little bit snob and made my friend's son cried few times over toys and she also tried to steal my other friend's son precious pillow. Oh well... it reminded me when I was young I also pretty dominant toward boys :).
Nevertheless, apart of  the chaos that happened at home last weekend, I was very much enjoying to entertain my guests.  I'll see you around for another gathering, girls!

On the table:
1. Watermelon and water crest salad with lemon dressing
2. Baked corns with scallions
3. Helibut with tomatoes and fennel
4. Cous Cous
All recipes are on my Pinterest recipe board

For kids: 
1. Pasta in coral and shell shapes with chicken and button mushroom tomatoes sauce
2. Cocktail cheese sausages

Tea time:
1. Rose tea from TWG
2. Coconut liquor chocolate balls that I bought in Vienna, Stroopwaffles that I bought in Amsterdam, and my friend brought red current puffs from Mark& Spencer, Kids had animal biscuits for their snack time :).

{images: by me for f4fabulousblog}

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